Friday, April 10, 2009

Do we (IT Persons) care for us ?

I have heard and read people saying “IT persons doesn’t give proper care for themselves” … Is this statement really true?

With multiple juice counters, GYM, Yoga classes, office bus pickup and drop etc etc, we are quite sophisticated than others still why this statement is roaming around outside environment about IT people?

I am basically a girl who doesn’t go to doctor quite often……. Unless there is some emergency I won’t go to doctor… For a present sample, my skin is a too sensitive skin… I am getting heat boils and rashes on my face due to this over cold…..Though my flat mate and other friends remind me often… I didn’t go to meet a skin specialist till to date….coz that is not in Sri’s priority list in her mind….

One more instance, I met with a road accident during Jan 2008… Fortunately I didn’t have any fracture; still, I had a terrible hit on my left leg….. It took long time for the wound to heel. (However I should accept that I overstrained those days , I didn’t take care of me properly.) Since there was no fracture I didn’t even go for an x-ray. I just applied some ointments for few days and nothing else. Practically, there is no big issue on my leg after that….In fact I even went for trekking during later part of 2008 with my (lS-TCG) team…..

Still, after that accident I can feel my legs getting tired soon…If I walk for more than half an hour…I can feel pains on my toes. I am not able to sit on the floor for a longer time….. When I work a lot and get tired, first pain will be on my legs… In the few tamil words that my flat mate knows, one is ‘Kaal Valikkaradu’ as I tell this whenever I feel tired. However I still strongly doubt whether these pains can be proved medically… Don’t know how to express in English, in tamil we use to say, “seekiram Kaal maratthuporadu”. I have not done any special care for my pain till to date….

So, no wonder why I don’t give importance for my simple heat boils…. Last week, at last, I decided to meet a dermatologist. When I thought to get an appointment with a dermatologist, I called my colleague who is in this city for the past 15 months and asked him how to get an appointment and how to approach doctor. He replied, as he has never gone to doctor at all in US till to date…. With surprise I asked whether he has never fallen sick in past 15 months, he replied as he did but the Metacin, Crocin, & Brufin strips that he got from India still helps him and he has never gone to see a doctor till to date.

(So there is one more person like Sri ……he he.. )

But I have a doubt, is this mentality Sri’s individual personality or something related to our Industry?

Read the first two lines of the post again….What is your opinion and by the way where do you fall in these two categories??

With Love
Sri :)

Source: Taken from my corporate Blog.

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