Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On that day night - Story

The dog's barking sound made sindhu to get up or rather rush up from her deep sound sleep. For a moment, sindhu couldn't understand what is happening… It took a while for her to realize that there is a dog barking outside… She raised her window curtains and saw outside. Since her room was road facing, she could see a street dog facing her house gate and barking continuously from the road. It was raining heavily outside and the dog's barking sound came defeating the rain sound. Sindhu switched on the veranda lights and looked outside…. She raised her head and watched the road side…. She could only see the empty road….
Hey shut up shutup….. SSH! SSH!! - Sindhu ordered…
"Do dogs really have only 5 senses! Then how it ran away when I shouted? Is it because of my order or because of sudden light it ran away? Sindhu's mind was having a talk to herself. A sudden thunder sound made Sindhu to come out of her thought.

"Oh! Ho! What am I doing? Is this very important to think at this midnight? I have college tomorrow. I should sleep now"
Sindhu scolded herself…..took her mobile to check time. It was around 11.45 pm. Though she tried to control her mind, again the mind started to think the same.

"That is a street dog that lives here for years together and it has never shouted like this at night. Then why today alone that too in this rain, why it barked facing my house? Does it saw something fishy?. No! No! All these stupid thoughts because I saw ‘Saroja' film and went to bed at night. Let me sleep without thinking anything."

Sindhu switched off her lights and went to bed. Again her mind started to speak

"Will the dog suddenly bark facing my house if there is nothing?"

"Is it like some thief has smelled that mom and dad have gone out of station?"

"What if some one knowing that I am alone at house, tries to enter and misbehave with me?"

Sindhu jumped from her bed and switched on the lights and it was an exact coincidence that her eyes noticed a shake on the glass door of her room window and as soon as she switched on the light, she could hear the sound of some one running to the back of her house.

Sindhu could feel that she is taking deep breath. She slowly waked and went near the window but within that time that some one has moved out of that place. Now she knows why the dog barked. Her mind was now confirmed that some one has entered in to her compound.

"Any how the person is outside the house. I remember locking the doors properly before coming to bed. He cannot enter inside. I don't need to worry. Let me sleep. May be let the lights be on this whole night."

She consoled her self and took the water jug and filled water in the glass. When
she was about to drink the water she could hear some sound outside her room.
The sound was very clear. It came near to her room.

"OMG! Sound is coming from the hall… It means someone has entered in to my house".

"The hall window is open. So someone could have used some long stick to open the main door using hall window? Before she could think further, there was a sudden power cut.

"Oh! god. Is this a normal power cut or someone has switched off the main power switch?" Sindhu's face was drenched in sweating by this time….
In the deep darkness she somehow managed to reach the room corner where the table is located. She started to move around her hands and identified where the draw is. She opened the draw and located a torch light. She re-collected all her bravery thoughts and decided to go out to see what is there….
She silently opened the door and went outside. The hall was dark and silent. The calendar was creating a ‘creech' sound by moving left to right and right to left on the wall it was hanged, due to heavy wind. There was no other sound other the calendar moving sound.

She moved her torch first to the main door. The door was properly locked inside.

She moved the torchlight to every corner of hall. There was no one. She faced the torch to the main switch board. The main switch was in on position. She was bit relaxed. "Okay, it's a normal powercut" she again took a deep breath.
She understood the calendar sound is also due to the wind that came from that open window. She went to close that window and something struck her legs. She took the torch down and she could see the steel flower pot rolling on the floor. She realized the reason for the sound that she heard sometime back.

"Ouch! What is this? I am getting nervous without any reason". It must be some cat or dog running behind and I have misunderstood it and I got scared. Let me go and continue my sleep now" - She scolded her inner mind and proceeded back to her room.

She tried to open her room and she couldn't. She again tried and NO…… She understood that it is locked inside but she couldn't understand how it got locked. She could hear some noise coming from her room. She could her some talking sounds. She realized that it is not one person inside her room but more than one person".

OMG! Sindhu was completely in to fearful surprise…
She shouted loud …

"Who is it? Who is inside my room, Come out! "Sindhu shouted.

The noises stopped. There was pin drop silence.

She took the steel flower pot in hand as a weapon.

With some blind guts, she shouted, "Come out! Otherwise I will call the police."

"Open the door. I say Open the door!" Sindhu was just screaming….

The door got opened suddenly and the scene she saw there….

Sindhu is speechless…. Her eyes were totally freezed…..

She didn't expect this at all…

She could see a group of people …



With a cake in the centre of her room….

Please highlight the previous line to see what it is


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  2. புது எழுத்தாளர் உருவாகிவிட்டார் ...
    வாழ்த்துக்கள் ஸ்ரீ!!!

    Really you have got a nice way of narration.
    This one was really a thrilling one with a wonderful climax (Anti-climax I shud say)


  3. hope u too had a exp like this in US :)