Saturday, March 21, 2009

Value of Money vs. Job Satisfaction - My ongoing Journey in Career life

In Bhagavatgita there is a popular saying ‘ Kadamayai sey palanai yedirpaarkkaadhe’ - meaning , do your duty don’t expect rewards I have also used this phrase for fun many times. I still remember those fun days. After returning from the exam hall, whenever the exam is tough, I will return home and reply to my mom as Gita says ‘Kadamayai sey palanai yedirpaarkkaade’. “I have written the exam, my duty is over. Do not expect marks and results.” That was purely fun filled days…

Often, we mis-interrupt this meaning. It is not like do your duty and do not expect any result. Do your duty and the result will come automatically. I thought I can write a post about this with again my self experiences. After finishing my B.Sc Computer science I wanted to study M.C.A but due to my family financial situation I know I cannot. My father got retired when I was in the final year of degree. Being a third daughter in my family, with my father’s single earnings, making all of us graduates itself is a very big achievement. I also did a computer course in ‘APTECH’ along with my degree. So, I decided to work and study in Correspondence using my salary.

When my college got over, that was the year when twin tower incident happened. During my 2nd year of college, ‘Hindu Opportunities’ was 19 pages with 80% IT jobs and when I came out of college, it was totally only 4 pages with IT jobs mostly for experienced/rare opportunities. It was the time when IT market was dull.
Those days as many BE fresher’s itself were suffering a lot to get placement, getting a job with B.Sc computer science fresher was practically a tough job. I did my B.SC final year project by working in a 5 ppl software company as freelance programmer. The company offered me a job to join once my degree gets over. The salary fixed was Rs 1500 + 300 for transport charges.
I had to take the job as I have no other choice. Though a 5 ppl small company, I knew for a fresher, I can learn a lot and I will gain good experience by working in a smaller company. I was one way happy that at least I have a job as many of my friends were searching for job without any clue. However, the salary was really disturbing me. I was not sure whether I would get any other good offer. I did not want to lose the one in hand also.

I spoke to my dad that night. My job description was quite satisfactory but my salary was just 1800/-. My house maiden’s daughter, with 5th std as qualification was earning more than the salary that was fixed for me. I knew it’s an idiotic comparison, but those days, with the level of maturity my mind had it could compare only in that way. I told my day, appa, generally people say, ‘yen ponnu kai neraya sambaadikkaraa apdinu, chillarayaa maatinaa kooda yen salary kai neraya varaadeppaa’ ( My daughter earns handfsull but even if you convert my salary to coins, it will not come hands full ) ….

Then my dad asked, “So what you want to do? Are you going to wait for any other good offer? “
No pa. I am going to accept this offer. I have no other choice.
My dad that time said, ‘ Kadamayai sey palanai yedirpaarkkaade’. Do your job well. Work smart. money will automatically come to you. I joined in the middle of a month. Second month itself, when I got my first full salary, I got it as 2300 and from there to the place I am today, it was a very gradual improvement.

As a matter of fact, I badly wanted a job to save money for my MCA fees. Even if they had said only Rs.500 as salary, I would have accepted as my only intention was to work in IT and to study MCA in parallel. In fact, my first earnings was Rs.50. In my first job, we were doing a software product for a small scale company using VB and MS-Access. Just three days after I joined, that company wanted some data to be typed in computer and printed . They called my manager asking for any data entry company that is ready to do a one time data entry of just less than 5 pages. My manager replied to them as he will check and get back to them.
My office timings was over that day and I went to my manager’s cabin to inform him before I leave.

That time he asked me

Sri, you recently submitted your project report for college right. That Internet centre where you got your project report printed, Will they do this ?

Yeah, they may but, it is in East Tambaram near to my college. ( My office was at Royapettah)

Oh! No. They want that to be typed immediately.

I replied, If less than 5 pages, it will take only 15-20 min for me. I can do it right?

With a surprise he asked, will you? You being a programmer, are you ready to do a data entry job?

I replied, why not? I am not going to be a full type data entry operator right. I am still a programmer. Since my office time is over, I have no issues. I can do it.

He immediately called them and informed. An office boy came and gave the papers to be typed.

I completed. I was given Rs.50 for that work which was my first earnings in life.

When I look back today after 8 years, sometimes, my monetary terms was good but job satisfaction was less, sometimes job satisfaction was very good but monetary satisfaction was less…. however I see a gradual improvement on both aspects of my career life. I see my career road as a long long road…… I have only passed half way in this big road…….following the path created by my role models in Cognizant and my experience continues ………..

- Sri :)


  1. good thought and good remembering sri..
    I also have nice experience like you and you make me to write Blogs like you...
    hopefully will release my Blog soon...

    keep writing...
    all the best

  2. thats cool sri, ur blog sounds like my life history also hmmm i also started my career with earning of 1500rs but in college days then job i started with 3k and ctc was 36k p.a ;)

    by the way try to us google adsense also